Travelpro Crew 8 Review

travelpro crew 8The Travelpro Crew 8 is originally designed by a pilot and is loaded with features such as strategically engineered bottom feet that provides stability in all orientations when the bag is expanded.

This 22 inch expandable rollaboard suiter is well-constructed by a polyurethane honeycomb framing system and eva foam, providing exceptional durability while keeping it lightweight. The bag fits perfectly in overhead compartments and is a great size for long weekend trips.

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Designed for versatility with respect to its interior partitions, the bag is capable of holding a suit without mangling it too much and it rolls down the aisle reasonably well.

Here are some great features of the Travelpro Crew 8:

  • 1050D micro ballistic nylon fabric with duraguard coating
  • Self repairing nylon coil zippers to ensure zippers continue flawless operation for the life of the bag
  • Waterproof removable ball-bearing inline skate wheels use high quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • I-Beam 2-stop extension handle. Stops at 38″ and 43″ to ensure a comfortable roll for users of different heights

The rollaboard has clearly been built with the knowledge accumulated from all those frequent travelers and flight crew. It has just enough style not to be embarrassed being seen with it. It’s the standard by which so many lookalikes fail miserably.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Travelpro Crew 8:

My first observation was that this 22″ bag was expandable so I could “sneak” a couple extra days worth of clothes into an overhead approved bag. I was amazed that the bag still fit into the overhead wheels first. The bag also rolled freely over carpet, tile and asphalt. It was very easy to move around. And it stood straight even when expanded. All in all I’d have to say that I’m thrilled with the bag. (Brian C)

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Samsonite Xspace Spinner Review

Samsonite Xspace SpinnerThe Samsonite Xspace Spinner has a fully featured interior including restraining straps to keep clothes neatly packed and a storage-style lid with pockets for packing. On top of the main compartment, it is expandable with a suiter section, laundry bag and clear pouch for carry on liquids.

This women’s 21.5 inch expandable spinner is built with multi-directional wheels which swivel 360 degrees for easy upright maneuverability in every direction. You can turn on a dime and your luggage will follow.

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The bag is designed to be lightweight for easy carrying up to overhead compartments and is also small enough to fit under the seat and still leave room for your feet.

Here are some great features of the Samsonite Xspace Spinner:

  • Built with poly and nylon blended fabrics
  • Padded top carry handle provides comfort when lifting and fully packed case
  • Top, side and bottom carry handles
  • Locking upright handle for easy mobility
  • Includes 3-1-1 bag which aids in expediting security checks

A well-designed suitcase specially for women, it is roomy and all the compartments have a purpose, rolls very smoothly and boasts wonderful colors that makes it unique on the carousel if you plan on checking in your bag. Plus the handle is ergonomically designed for a more comfortable grip.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Samsonite Xspace Spinner:

I travel about 50% of the time and have been using this bag for almost a year with ZERO problems. The exterior still looks great. It moves easily on all surfaces, the zippers AND wheels are still in perfect condition. Highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra money for this, it’s worth it! (Paige E)

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Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 Review

Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3 is designed to fit most international carry on requirements and features a built-in suiter system that makes it a perfect suitcase.

This 22 inch expandable rollaboard is made out of 1680D dupont teflon coated nylon material which makes it sturdy, lightweight, adaptable and easy to work with. It is no wonder why it is the preferred choice of airline personnel.

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The bag comes with heavy duty zippers that allows the bag to expand to accommodate all your new vacation purchases. The wheels are large and recessed which prevents the likelihood of breaking off when it gets tossed around by baggage handlers.

Here are some great features of the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3:

  • Fully-lined interior with mesh pockets for organizing
  • One button locking trolley handle with comfort grip that stops at 2 heights to cater to users of different heights.
  • Airline grade aluminum tubes
  • Removable high performance wheels with stylish covers
  • Adjustable hold-down straps to keep clothes in place

This bag also has two handy outside pockets and two small mesh zippered compartments inside the suitcase, perfect for small items like keys and cell phones. There is also a useful zipped water bottle storage compartment on the outside.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 3:

This is an amazing piece of luggage. The wheels roll soooo smoothly and quietly, and overall it feels extremely well-made and durable. I really like the fold out panels that pack your garment bag. The size is right, I’ve been able to carry it on every time without any problem, even when the expansion zipper is unzipped. I don’t feel like I need anything smaller, or anything bigger. (Tim B)

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Delsey Helium Fusion Review

Delsey Helium FusionThe Delsey Helium Fusion features a fiberglass graphite frame – the same lightweight but strong material used in the construction of golf clubs and tennis rackets. And it is made of everlast polyester with eva foam backing, ensuring its durability.

This 21 inch expandable carry on comes with a built-in overweight indicator, allowing you to easily determine if your bag is overweight, letting you save money on unnecessary airline fees.

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The bag is of a beautiful blue and makes it easy to spot at baggage claim if you decide to check-in your luggage. It is so stylish, you would be forgiven if you were tempted to purchase the whole range of Helium Fusion series.

Here are some great features of the Delsey Helium Fusion:

  • Expands up to 2″ for extra packing
  • Fully liner with suit clip.tie-down straps and storage pockets
  • Recessed locking trolley handle system
  • Velocity in-line skate wheels
  • Self-repairing 10 zippers
  • Built-in “overweight” indicator for over 50 lbs

Designed to fit most international overhead compartments, the bag can pack a ton of stuff with plenty of room to spare. The wheels roll very nicely and are fantastic on stairs. Combined with the sturdy handles on the top and sides, the bag is a breeze when it comes to maneuverability.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Delsey Helium Fusion:

The bag was wonderful to pack with so many pockets, straps and compartments. I could easily pack enough for as many as 4 nights with some careful planning. The bag fit easily into Frontier’s overheads. The exterior of the bag is very attractive. The silver trim, protective plastic molding, high quality wheels and zipper hardware make it LOOK like the quality bag it is. (Cyntha DT)

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The Walkin’ Bag That Lets You Sit

Best Carry On Luggage

Luggage bags are no longer simply luggage bags. They come with a desk and a chair too.

Walkin’ Bags introduced a new range of models earlier this year including the JetCart model which can easily transform into a desk and a chair. It certainly makes life easier for the busy executive to juggle doing work on his laptop while waiting in queues.

Not exactly the best carry on luggage bag for the average traveler but it surely makes an interesting Christmas gift this year. Head on over here to view all the models of Walkin’ Bags.

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Pack Your Carry On Like A Flight Attendant

best carry on luggage

The New York Times featured the packing strategies of Heather Poole, a flight attendant from Los Angeles, whose job requires her to live out of her suitcase for up to 10 days at a time.

Heather uses the rolling method to save space and avoid wrinkles. The difference is, she sets the rolls aside rather than immediately packing them into the suitcase because the key strategy is to put shoes in first, followed by the heavier layers of clothing. The rolls continue to be packed in the order of heaviest to lightest. The rationale for this is to make it easier for the items to compress when she closes the suitcase without having the need to sit on it. Heather does not need any additional bag other than a carry on, and she recommends that the best carry on luggage bags are the ones that are durable and sturdy.

With more airlines charging for checked baggage, Ms. Poole’s tips save both space and money — and time, if you include the benefit of skipping the wait at the luggage carousel.

Read the full New York Times article here

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The Adventure Wardrobe In A Carry On

best carry on luggage

Blogger Sacheen Cicero went on a round-the-world trip for 3 months and wrote about her pre-trip packing experience. Scouring through many tips and tricks from travel guides and experts, she carved her own list of “must-have” items, ensuring that style would not be out of the window. Her key clothes traits – flexibility, versatility and endurance.

Her list of clothes includes leggings, cardigans, sleepwear and socks, while her choice of carry on is a Victorinox E-Motion Trek Pack. The range of Victorinox carry ons offer sturdy wheels, removable toiletries bags and plenty of easy-access features. Bear in mind though, Sacheen’s choice may not be the best carry on luggage for you, it simply suits her preferences. You should always pick a luggage bag that suits you best.

For my trip, I did want to travel lightweight and be efficient, but also look “somewhat” stylish at the same time. In order to accomplish this goal and fit everything into one bag, every piece I picked had to work hard. Flexibility, versatility, endurance -I started to think of this as a sport and in order to win, I had to have the very best players and a winning game plan. One of my strategies was to roll up all the clothes and put them in clear zip lock bags. This would keep them wrinkle free, organized and easy to find in a rush.

Read Sacheen’s full post here

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Packing Tips By The CEO Of Travelpro

Who is best to give packing tips other than the executives of a leading brand of luggage bags. That is exactly what happened here when Rob Rankin, the CEO of Travelpro, gives his take at the 2010 Oscars.

Travelpro provided all the luggage bags for the movie “Up In The Air” starring George Clooney. “We were the sole luggage provider in the whole movie,” said Rob Rankin. “If someone’s carrying a bag, the bag is ours.”. In all, Travelpro provided about 70 pieces of luggage for the movie. Such a targeted product placement was testimony to the American company’s leading brand name as a maker of the best carry on luggage bags today.

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Travel Smart (And Light) The Travelpro Way


Ask any seasoned traveler and he will tell you, a great trip always starts with a comprehensive packing list with good travel equipment to carry all the luggage. Apart from having a well-planned itinerary, the one thing that can make any trip truly enjoyable is hassle-free luggage bags that do not weigh you down – bags which are sturdy, durable and importantly, light. One name that immediately springs to mind when it comes to luggage bags that are both functional and stylish is Travelpro.

Travelpro has built an established reputation as the choice of luggage bags for flight crew and personnel. Combining design, performance and reasonable prices, Travelpro provides a wide range of luggage bags that can cater to different types of travel, whether they are to be used along the cobbled streets in Europe or pure business travel.

Priding itself on design innovation and durability, Travelpro dedicates itself to building lifelong relationships with customers through consistently understanding their needs. The range of luggage bags is so wide, it caters to any specific user lifestyle, whether you are male or female, business traveler or on family vacation.

Being a traveler can mean that you are subject to travel constraints from airlines or hotels, and this means your selection of luggage bag can make a difference to your travel experience. You can definitely find the best carry on luggage or suitcases among Travelpro’s wide range of innovative and practical luggage bags.

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A Single Carry On For Lighter Travel

Michael Hyatt, the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, was inspired after watching the movie “Up In The Air” to ditch his laptop bag and pack everything into only one carry on bag. He demonstrates how he achieves this in this video.

His first tip is to start with the right suitcase. Every traveler has different needs, so the best carry on luggage for one traveler will not be the same for another. Michael’s choice? The Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tarmac 22.

Michael also advocates using other smaller bags to pack other items, such as the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Quarter Cube for easy access to things like keys, headphones and liquids, and the Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Half Tube Cube for electronic cables.

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How To Pack Light For Business

Time is money. If you are like many business travelers, you will do whatever it takes to avoid checking in your bag. This is why you need the best carry on luggage bag you can afford, one that can give you the best load capability and the best mileage over the years.

The video below presents six tips to allow you to fit in more in your carry on bag.

To summarize, wear your bulkiest outerwear such as your jacket, jeans and your heaviest shoes for your flight. Roll your clothes to maximize the space in your bag. Downsize your toiletries by using sample packs, use every bit of space available in your bag such as stuffing socks in your shoes, and bring neutral colored clothes for more possibilities to mix and match your outfits.

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Looking Through The Delsey Helium Fusion Lite 2.0

Traveling light means you need a good lightweight luggage bag to start with and the Delsey Helium Fusion is just that. Here is a video that looks at the Fusion Lite 2.0 bag in detail.

A very good feature is the small external compartment on the top of the bag which can hold small items like keys, passports, plane tickets or an umbrella. It also has a permanently attached add-a-bag strap which you can hang an additional tote bag or a briefcase.

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Business Trip Packing In “Up In The Air” Carry On Style

Inspired by the successful movie “Up In The Air” which showcased light business travel with only a carry on luggage, the Productive! Show outlines the steps on how to achieve the same carry on style business trip.

The video consists of three parts – how to prepare a packing list, what stuff you need, and how to pack them all into a single carry on, weighing no more than 10kg which is enough to get by most airlines’ carry on regulations.

In the movie, George Clooney uses the ever-popular Travelpro Crew 8 rollaboard carry on as his choice of luggage bag.

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Packing Accessories And Toiletries In A Carry On

While it may be a breeze for you to pack your clothes and shoes, you will also need to fit your accessories, toiletries and other odds and ends into your luggage. Even the best carry on luggage will not be any good if you do not apply good packing techniques, and this video here will teach you just that, specifically for accessories and toiletries.

Pay particular attention to how to pack liquids in your carry on because of security restrictions that apply on all airlines. You definitely do not want to have to repack at the airport when you are just about to board the plane.

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